What makes The Stickler® Guide different from other graph style patterns?

The Stickler® Guide is revolutionary for a couple of reasons:


FIRST, The Stickler® Grid is specially designed to ensure that the proportions of the logo will be correct. No matter what type of yarn or size hook you use, if you can meet the gauge the image will be accurate.


SECOND, The Stickler® Chart provides a simple, easy-to-follow guide that is far easier to understand than the typical written pattern.


The Stickler® Guide takes a type of pattern that is traditionally used by experienced knitters and crocheters and brings it down to an advanced beginner level, making it accessible to many more crafters!


Why are The Stickler® Guide patterns geared more toward crocheters than knitters?

Traditionally, knitters have been more likely to use graph patterns than crocheters. However, most people find it easier to crochet a large, heavy afghan since knitting requires that all stitches on a row be carried rather than just working one stitch at a time.


The Stickler® Guide works both for knitting and crochet. But since graph patterning and changing colors is more likely to be a new skill for a crocheter the Hand Made By Beth patterns include detailed crochet instructions.


Why do the prices vary between different patterns?

Depending on the variety of popular logo images some of the Hand Made By Beth pattern booklets contain more than one pattern per booklet. Also, the amount of royalties paid per sale varies by institution. If an image does not require licensing and royalty payments the cost of production is much lower.


When will my favorite pattern be available?

Well…it depends on a lot of factors! If you’d like to be notified when your favorite team pattern is available just click the button at the bottom of the screen.




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